Zážitky ze setkání s Five Leaf Clover

Foot taps straight away. No escaping the rhythm. Like being on a bicycle with no brakes going downhill. Damn you Five Leaf Clover, I am dancing with the devil and he is calling the tune. Classic irishness going on here. So, what part of Ireland are you guys from, Cork, Galway, Dublin, Belfast?


Tak jsme vás dnes prvně na Veveří slyšeli. A jak konstatoval můj skvělý muž, máme další oblíbenou kapelu 😉😊 Díky za úžasný zážitek!!!


You guys rock!! My father is from Carlow and I lived there when I was a kid – so it was crazy and cool to see you guys doing the song. Have you guys played in Ireland? If you toured, it would make the news; the Irish TV would say „check out these Czech dudes!“. It is difficult to sell Irishness to Irish people; however, I think that the Irish-Americans would love you guys.


Five Leaf Clover define themselves as an Irish Rock Band. Taking into account that they cover some standards and play some well-known tunes, the word Irish is obvious. Regarding the word rock, Five Leaf Clover have a solid rhythm section that backs perfectly the fiddler and the flute.