Irish music with the rock feeling

We are a folk-rock band from Prague. We create from pure joy, love of the sea, passion for Ireland, Scotland and Celtic roots. Under the supervision of our mascot Shamus McSmelly, we bring you a rock blast for your luck.


17. 3. 2021

PRAHA | klub Vagon | Národní 25

Náhradní Sv. Patrick 2020

DATUM ZATÍM NEJASNÉ – Letošní Sv. Patrick se nevydařil po celém světě tak, jak jsme předpokládali. Nikdo z nás. A až to všechno přejde, chceme to celé napravit. A bude to velké!

19. 6. 2020

PRAHA | Rock Café | Národní třída 20 | 150 CZK


So they finally let us go! It's been a hell of a time, so we can't help but rush to the Rock Café! ❤️Come to fire it with us in bulk 💥 yell in the cauldron, ️ have a drink and most importantly finally see ourselves live!

1. 8. 2020

PRAHA | Modrá Vopice | K Žižkovu 1 | 100 CZK

Attack The Summer

After many years, we return to the Modrá Vopice club. On August 1, 2020, we will meet other bands on stage there. Five Leaf Clover, Cruadalach, DWTK and 1st choice will meet with you.

Datum nejasné...

Celá ČR | klubová scéna

Náhradní Sv. Patrick 2020

Letošní Sv. Patrick (a ostatně ani ostatní naplánované koncerty) se nevydařil po celém světě tak, jak jsme předpokládali. Nikdo z nás. A až to všechno přejde, chceme to celé napravit. A bude to velké! Do té doby k poslechu zatím jen online.

Stay home, stay safe.

Date unclear...

Whole Czechia | club scene

Live on-site gigs

We want to see you and play live for you, but due to the current situation, planning is more problematic. Until then, you can only listen online. online. Or even with a picture on our youtube channel.

Stay home, stay safe.


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Shamus McSmelly, the most stylish sheep of all the highlands and seas, presents 15 stories that will take you aboard pirate ships, the Wild West, but also into the hearts of women.

Meet me in a Pub


The debut album of Five Leaf Clover. Six honest songs, including the one for your tomorrow morning, which ends on a medow with a fairy. A really strong wind will blow you there out of the fog.

They say about us

The album continues to surprise. (...) When listening, I didn't believe that the individual pieces were played by one band, which has in it everything that belongs to such folk, including songs in the form of ballads or songs as if recorded in an original pub.

Foot taps straight away. No escaping the rhythm. Like being on a bicycle with no brakes going downhill. Damn you Five Leaf Clover, I am dancing with the devil and he is calling the tune. Classic irishness going on here. So, what part of Ireland are you guys from, Cork, Galway, Dublin, Belfast?

Mike Murphy, county Cork

Five Leaf Clover define themselves as an Irish Rock Band. Taking into account that they cover some standards and play some well-known tunes, the word Irish is obvious. Regarding the word rock, Five Leaf Clover have a solid rhythm section that backs perfectly the fiddler and the flute.




Guitar, vocals, bandlead


Lead vocal, tambourine


Fiddle, vocals, spoken word


Bass guitar, vocals


Drums n´team spirit


Banjo, bouzouki, bass vocals

You can have all this

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Meet me in a pub


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Green top

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